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Rome Shopping

The Parco Leonardo Mall

One of the aspects every visitor expects to be impressed with when they visit Rome, is its shopping experience. Italy is known around the world for being perhaps the most stylish and cosmopolitan country, and Rome, its capital city, is without a doubt the city that best exemplifies that idea by offering one of the most varied selection of malls, shopping areas and top brands anywhere.

This provides the city with a thriving shopping atmosphere where not only every single top brand in the world can be found, but also your everyday neighborhood stores are also present.

That said, here are the top malls and shopping streets anyone visiting Rome should stop by.


The Parco Leonardo Mall

Address: Via Portuense, 2000 Cap: 00054 City: Fiumicino (Rm)

Almost a decade in the making, the Parco Leonardo Mall is without a doubt the biggest and most prominent of not just Rome, but of all Italy. It expands over an amazing 100,000 m2 and sports more than 200 stores, including most of the elite brands in the world, as well as the biggest hypermarket and cinema complex in Italy.


Roma Est Shopping Center

Address: Via Collatina, 858 (Km 12,800), Roma, 00155

Roma Est is one of the biggest malls in Rome with more than 13,000 m2 of area that are home to 220 stores and a wide array of brands and companies in it. Beside the usual cinemas and restaurants, this mall also offers its visitors a large market, which helps it cater to almost anyone.


Porta di Roma Mall

Address: Lungotevere Dei Mellini, 17, Roma, 00193

Opened in July of 2007, the Porta di Roma Mall extends over more than 150,000 m2 and sports some of the most representative local brands in Italy and Europe, like the popular IKEA, Zara Home and the Auchan Market, as well as many movie theaters, sports shops, restaurants and such.



Address: Via del Condotti, 8, Rome

One of the world leaders in both accessories and clothing. Its designs are very forward-looking and the level of finish of all its products is unparalleled in the industry. So much so that this brand is considered more a lifestyle than just a series of products.



Address: Via Condotti, 10, Rome

Considered by many people the top jewelry house in the world, Bulgari sports a very particular design strategy that helps it cater to both those who like classic jewelry and those who prefer something more vanguardist. The brand is known for using top quality materials in all of its offerings, including the best diamonds, gold and pearls in the world.


Mr. Wine

Address: Piazza Parlamento, 7, Rome

Mr. Wine is a small wine bar/shop located right at the center of the city and that offers visitors a taste of the exquisite Italian wine culture.