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Restaurants Rome

Ristorante Mirabella

All over the world, Italy is known for its exquisite cuisine and for the variety of its dishes. The culinary culture in this country dates from centuries ago and is only comparable to the one in France or in China. And of all cities in Italy, Rome is the one that provides visitors with the best eating experience as well as with the most variety, with both world-class and small restaurants that will please even the most seasoned tastes and fit the tightest of budgets respectively.


Italians also consider their cuisine as a very important part of their culture, and take great care in making it part of every aspect of their lives. Thus, lunch in Rome can take up to 3 hours, since people try to enjoy as many courses as possible, taking their time to do so and mixing up their eating experience with extended conversations.

Considering all this, here are some of the most representative restaurants in Rome.


Ristorante Mirabelle

Address: Via di Porta Pinciana, 14 - 00187

Phone: +39 06 42168838

This gorgeous restaurant is located on the 7th floor of the Hotel Splendide Royal and boasts a breathtaking view of the Veneto area and the Historic Centre of Rome. But all of this is just complementary to the exquisite cuisine that the restaurant is famous for thanks to its renowned group of chefs. The restaurant is very elegant, so the dress code of anyone planning to visit it should reflect that.


Ristorante Aroma at Palazzo Manfredi

Address: Via Labicana 125, 00184

Phone: +39 06 77591380

This restaurant is definitely one of the best of Europe, and boasts some of the best scenery in the world as well. The restaurant is located on the terrace of Palazzo Manfredi and offers it visitors a stunning view of the Imperial Coliseum of Rome. The atmosphere in the Aroma Ristorante conveys a summer evening and offers the perfect accompaniment to the world-class dishes that the restaurant offers.


Ristorante Ad Hoc Roma

Address: Via di Ripetta, 43

Phone: +06 32 33 040

The Ad Hoc restaurant in Rome is an elegy for the wine lover. This restaurant offers it visitors a wine list with more than 500 top-quality wine labels, all in a subdued and very intimate atmosphere. The Ad Hoc is located at the heart of Rome and offers a very innovative menu that is sure to cater to almost any visitor.


Les Etoiles

Address: 1 Via dei Bastioni, 00193

Phone: +39 06 68 73 233

Dinning out at Les Etoles feels like having dinner in a colonial Roman Palace. This restaurant boasts an extremely elegant decoration, with roman roofs and many other Italian monuments, and everything is framed by vast windows that surround the entire locale. The food is also exquisite and versatile, offering both Italian and international dishes.


Joia Music Restaurant

Address: Via Galvani 20, Testaccio

Phone: +065 740 802 As its name states, the Joia Music Restaurant is a perfect mix of dinning, music and relaxation, since it offers also a Piano Bar and a discotheque besides its more traditional food offerings. It is located in Testaccio and it elegant setting is ideal for anyone who looks for more than a fine dinning experience.